SING with A BIG VOICE community Pop Choir
Singing is one of the most empowering activities we can engage in together - a creative escapism and outlet from the daily grind, singing can unite us and give us a sense of belonging. It's a great means of expression and has countless health benefits. It increases your bodies endorphin's and increases serotonin in the mind, releasing stress and increasing the happiness hormone. Music and song unites people and is proven to increase your confidence!



"Thanks Maria !! So glad I discovered ABV love the group and appreciate all your hard work. 'SING with ABV' has become the highlight of my week, look forward to all aspects and have a total feel good factor for the rest of the week! FAB" !! :-) Lema Daly 2014

JANE McCARTHY & Daughter Suzie McCarthy SAYS:
"Maria has a fresh, professional, and enthusiastic approach to singing. We’ve had experience of both her group singing workshops and individual lessons. We enjoyed the group singing very much, and she has made a real difference to my daughter’s individual experience of singing through her private lessons. Having been taught singing through tuition at school for many years, my daughter had grown really disheartened and lost all confidence in her once happy experience of singing. After a few lessons with Maria, her enthusiasm and confidence have come on by leaps and bounds – a wonderful gift of finding her voice again"!

CAROLINE EAGERTON says: "Tuesday evening 'Sing with a Big Voice' is simply great fun! I was looking for a group where you could have a go at singing, without the embarrassment of an audition or ever being asked to perform a solo! I really enjoy it and have found that my confidence has grown over the weeks. Maria is unique, very welcoming and makes us all feel at ease. I would definitely recommend you give it a go! What’s to not to love about having fun singing?
Caroline Egerton-CPM, Thame.

JACQUI HUNTER SAYS: I joined the A BIG VOICE Tuesday singing class approximately 18 months ago to accompany a friend who wanted someone to go with, it wasn't something that I would have joined without encouragement. I used to sing at Primary School and was in the choir which I enjoyed. I thought that I had lost my singing ability, but discovered that my voice wasn't too bad and realised that there was room for improvement - I was hooked pretty much from the word go!
The class is energetic, friendly, quirky and fun. I quickly realised on my way home from the first class that I had found it very relaxing and it definitely had the feel good factor - endorphin effect! Maria, the tutor is very passionate about singing and gives us weekly tips and techniques to improve our singing as well as giving us projects to complete ( if you want to be involved) such as visiting a local recording studio to record a couple of songs as a singing group and we even did a singing flash mob locally for charity!
In addition to all this Maria also arranges social events periodically (there is usually some singing involved naturally) such as a Christmas meal and various music events through out the year, such as meeting up at open mic events. If you like to sing for enjoyment, I would encourage you to give it a go! Jacqui (Accountant)

IAN MILLER-HALL (Harmonica player)
I wanted to be able to sing better but wasn’t ready to commit to one on one lessons – I have found that 'SING with a BIG VOICE' delivers everything I was promised – singing with no criticism. Maria keeps singing fun while providing technical tips to help the group improve. SING with a BIG VOICE is a great way to socialise and learn to relax with singing. Cheers Maria. See you next Tuesday.
Ian Miller-Hall

CATHY GAMBRELL from CUDDINGTON Says: "I highly recommend anyone that wants to boost their confidence to come along to S I N G with A Big Voice singing classes with Maria. She's an excellent teacher and motivator, who knows all aspects of the singing business back to front. The classes are very enjoyable with a good mix of singing abilities and age ranges - everyone is encouraged to join in, and you come out feeling generally liberated, enthused and invigorated! Overall a therapeutic way to let go of inhibitions and have fun! Apart from singing some great tunes as a group, Maria teaches various breathing exercises and singing techniques, which will stay with you as your confidence grows into realising that you can sing - anyone can sing! Then you get all the added bonuses that follow, as your life generally starts feeling better! Not forgetting the fun times had socially with the group, with some successful Flashmob singing charity events, to recording experiences and outings - memorable times guaranteed!"

MAUREEN GILLIS SAYS: "Our weekly adult singing group 'S I N G with A BIG VOICE' is a place where complete beginners to experienced singers can go, feel comfortable in a relaxed and friendly environment, surrounded by like minded people to develop their voices under the guidance of Maria, a professional vocal coach. Yes some people sound better than others but everyone is learning and supportive of each other. We are a bunch of people who get together just for the joy of singing whilst picking up some valuable vocal techniques from Maria . We get to suggest songs, Maria prepares them in a format we can do harmonies with and away we go. Maria guides us through any initial wobbles we may have with full proof vocal techniques and explanations. She helps us get our timings right and gets our confidence up, we never thought we had. We all have a laugh every week, de-stressing from the days work. After
an hour of singing your head off, you feel great"! Chearsley-Maureen Gillis. I.T. Support Expert:

Singing increases team spirit, creativity, empathy, self esteem, and can be a fun way to help loose any inhibitions. O2 elixir which reaches the brain boosting how awake we feel, our ability to concentrate and remember things. It produces Oxytocin, the bonding hormone. It also produces endorphins and serotonin, the fluid which makes us laugh and feel happy. (Regular Singing Workshops can lead to a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in commitment within the workplace)!

WHY choose to SING with A BIG VOICE workshop?
The result of the ensemble never fails to amaze both non-singers and more experienced singers alike.
1.A great ice breaker and fun group activity
2.Tricks of the trade revealed
3.Confident Communication Tips
4. How to be heard and add power to the voice
5. It's a great emotional and expressive release
6. Valuable relaxation breathing techniques
7.Decreases stress and anxiety
8.Bonds the group increasing trust and co-operation
9.Singing is your birthright irrespective of ability
10.Is the perfect break out from a conference or training day or pre-show masterclass
11.Will be something your teams will never forget
12.And will remind them what they can achieve together!

The Science of Group Singing
Research has shown that singing as a group is a mutually rewarding experience. According to Oxford University researchers singing may be nature’s way of helping big groups gel together, aiding survival and helping man colonise the globe. The chemicals released in the brain when singing help us to be in the moment, bond quicker, have greater empathy and have a positive effect on ourselves and those around us. Writing in the Royal Society journal Open Science, the researchers added it may be no coincidence that group singing or chanting is often a cornerstone of religion. (ADD LINK HERE!)
Break the ice!
Today, this is showcased in the hit BBC2 series The Choir, in which choirmaster Gareth Malone uses the power of song to spark friendships, unite workplaces and make people happier. But it didn’t start with Gareth - for millennia group singing has aided survival and helped man colonise the globe!

Researcher Eilunid Pearce, in the Royal Society journal, Open Science, said, when comparing singing groups over other pursuits:
‘Singing broke the ice better than the other activities, getting the group together faster by giving a boost to how close classmates felt towards each other right at the start of the course.
‘In the longer term, it appears that all group activities bring people together similar amounts.
‘In non-singing classes ties strengthened as people talked to each other either during lessons or during breaks.
‘But this is the first clear evidence that singing is a powerful means of bonding a whole group simultaneously.’

Improvements to health come from being part of a team, working in synchrony and exercising the lungs, diaphragm and other parts of the body – rather than from singing in tune.

"Being in a successful band demands cooperation, cohesiveness, communication, creativity, connectedness, confidence, commitment. Being in a successful company demands the same" ~ M.Scobey ~

Singing Masterclasses
The master class offers specialist group singing tuition for Theatres, Schools, Colleges and Amateur Dramatics, as well as a newly formed band or choir hoping to nail an audition. The master class is tailored towards the more serious performer where more in-depth focus is put on vocal technique, the art of performance and the tricks of the trade.

As a performer herself, she understands the journey all singers go through and can pass on invaluable experience and knowledge to her students. Maria is accustomed to working with bands, schools, colleges, theatres, dancers and singers of all level and can also assist with the vocal performances in Amateur Shows.

Basses, Tenors, Altos, Sopranos or a flute sounding Falsetto, Maria coaches all voice types helping each one to develop and achieve a higher standard, projection and performance.
What is achieved?
Participants will learn about harmonising, how to explore your voice through experimenting with A Big Voice unique vocal colour/timbres. From trying out Tongue twisters to exercise your articulators to Tribal diaphragm exercises, participants will learn how to best project their voice as individuals and as a group. We will create musical sculptures and play around with dynamics (volume). Call and respond games, silly-song rounds and even discovering different ways to use the rest of your body to produce a beat/pulse! We may use Instruments/tap sticks to accompany our songs. These are just a few of the things we plan to do in the workshop whilst exploring a wide variety of music.

*Gift vouchers available. Give the gift of an experience, singing & performance tuition rather than more unwanted 'stuff'.
When and where do you sing?
Tuesday evenings, Term time only @ The Queens Park Arts Centre, HP217RT Aylesbury Bucks.

1.YOUTHS 7.15pm-8.00pm 8-16
2. ADULTS 8.00pm-9.00pm 17+

Term Dates 2019 - Maria to provide

All abilities are welcome. You don’t need to be able to read music, there’s NO AUDITION or sight reading. Just an open mind in our non judgemental group where you will make real friends and experience a natural high.
What do you sing?
Any genre or decade! All members gain great insight into all the different types of songs out there, past and present! You name it, we sing it!

Do you need to be able to read music?
Not at all! Just helps to be able to read, and hear!
What sort of benefits can you expect?
You will learn and develop vocal techniques and explore harmonies and tricks of the trade of course, but that’s just a smidgen! Read on!
You get to take home a professional recording!
Each Autumn the group visits a professional recording studio where we all record the individual harmonies and sections of our chosen song. Here we learn what goes into mastering a track and get to take a professional copy of the recording home with us to share with our family and friends.
You make new friends!
We meet to have fun socially and sing as many songs as we can in the sessions. You not only have the chance of joining together as a community to sing for entertainment or to raise awareness of something close to your heart, but also to get together and sing with family and friends. Research has shown that singing as a group is a mutually rewarding experience. According to Oxford University researchers singing may be nature’s way of bringing groups together, aiding survival and helping man colonise the globe. The chemicals released in the brain when singing help us to be in the moment and bond quicker. Writing in the Royal Society journal Open Science, the researchers added it may be no coincidence that group singing or chanting is often a cornerstone of religion.
You support your physical and mental health!

There is significant research that shows that singing in a choir has countless health benefits for both your physical and mental wellness. Studies show that group singing improves our mood, with a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety. These effects are often attributed to the deeper breathing associated with singing, that is also used in meditation as well as the camaraderie that comes with weekly meetups. These benefits are enhanced in a group setting, compared to singing alone. The feel-good hormones released through singing have a positive effect on our mood, lives and those we love.
You develop as an individual

Not only do you make great friendships, you develop self-confidence and learn how to project your own voice. Singing is a great means of expression and one of the most empowering activities we can engage in together - it is a creative escapism and outlet from the daily grind which unites us and gives us a sense of belonging. It is also so important as we get older to accept ourselves as we are and to not take ourselves, or life, too seriously.
SINGING FLASH MOBS - spontaneous public singing at its best!
We only have to see and hear fans singing together in a stadium to appreciate the healing and cathartic power of singing in a group. This power is also evident when witnessed by the unsuspecting public and can really have such a positive vibration on anyone within ear shot!

This is where our Surprise Singing Flash Mobs come in!

We go out as a group into the community to surprise the unsuspecting public. Someone starts singing very loudly (usually Maria), then another member of the public joins in and so on and so on until lots of our group members, 'disguised' to blend in with the general public, all congregate together and perform to the surprised public before disappearing back into the crowds once again. These spontaneous performances often go viral and never fail to be a talking point in the community long after.